Asset Management


The Asset Management Department plays an integral role within the company. Our flexibility as an independent entity allows us personal management of each project, managing all areas, from the administrative-financial stage to the commercialisation of electricity produced.

Asset Management services encompass the following functions:

– Monitoring of production and operational Key Performance Indicators
– Preparation of annual budgets
– Corporate compliance
– Incident and corrective management
– Implementation of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment programs.
– Monitoring of the regulatory compliance of the plants and the obligations established in the financing contracts.
– Review of the financial and operating budgets, site visits, preparation of technical reports.

At ABEI Energy we use a specialised asset management platform for the management of operational data. This contains key performance indicators, remote incident detection, monitoring of operation and maintenance activity, and ensures complete traceability of all maintenance.

The platform enables the transition to an asset-centric information management approach that addresses five key challenges: (1) minimizing production losses; (2) significantly improving efficiency; (3) reducing the lack of data transparency; (4) improving the levelised cost of energy (LCOE); (5) positively impacting the return on investment for solar asset owners and operators.